What factors affect the quantity and the quality of the water produced?

There are four major variables to consider:

PRESSURE. The greater the water pressure, the better the quantity and quality of the water produced. Water pressure of 60 psi ideal. Luxor-Coway R.O. purifier include one booster pump can make sure the water pressure.

TEMPERATURE. 76*F is the ideal water temperature for R.O.

40*F water will cause the production of R.O. water to fall to half of that at 76*F.

The maximum water temperature recommended is 85*F.

TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS). The higher the amount of dissolved contaminants in the water, the lower the quantity of water produced. A high level of TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS can be overcome with additional water pressure.

MEMBRANE. Different membranes have different characteristics. Some produce more water than others; some have better contaminant rejection capabilities; some have greater resistance to chemical abrasion for longer life. Luxor-Coway R.O. purifier TFC RO (Thin Film Composite) membranes with pores 0.0001 micron meter, combine the best of these characteristics and are considered the finest membrane in the world

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