Dolomities AP-1008CH


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Retail Price: RM 2,500 (Outright Purchase) OR RM 85 (Rental)

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Basic Specs

Coway Air Purifier Dolomities AP-1008CH Malaysia

Basic Specifications

  • Service Area: 1,200 sqf
  • Filters: Pre-filter, Anti-Virus, HEPA
  • Price (Outright): RM2,300
  • Monthly Rental: RM80

Have you ever imagined your sweet home is full of these harmful germs, gases, viruses, dusts and even virus causing many disease? Even though your customer house looks tidy and clean by human eyes, it might be full of those pollutants as long as human being lives inside and ventilation system working there.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has noted that indoor air is by 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. During certain activities indoor level of pollutants may reach 1,000 times than that of the outdoor air. Yet, we are spending up to 90% of our time indoors moreover half of the 90% is spend in our own homes!

Coway Air Puriļ¬cation system completely removes various air pollutants, such as germs, micro dust and VOCs that threaten the health of your family.

But should air purifiers always look like industrial cooling fans? Is it possible air purifiers to enhance beauty of your spaces? COWAY’s brand-new air-purifier, AP-1008 won two of the most honored design awards in the world.


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Easy-to-use operation

With ‘Emotional PUI & GUI’ (Physical & Graphic User Interface). All the function keys are embodied in a circled buttons.


Intelligent purification by sensors

Dust & Gas Sensor:
Optimal air purification is possible with constant monitoring and accurate measurement of indoor air pollution through the sensors (dust sensor, gas sensor) that check the level of dust particles and bacteria.

CDS Sensor (Light Sensor):
Automatically detecting variations in ambient light intensity, the CDS Sensor switches operation to Sleep Mode when the luminous intensity is less than 1 Lux for 3 minutes. When the luminous intensity returns to more than 2 Lux for 5 minutes, operation reverts to Auto Mode. The CDS Sensor: saving energy and enhancing restful sleep.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control System:
Unattended operation is regulated by an AI control program that adjusts airflow in accordance with the level of indoor air pollution and switches to Power Saving Mode or Sleep Mode when appropriate and safe.

Functional air quality indicator (AP-1008CH/DH)

AP-1008’s pollution and speed indicators show the status of operations and the indoor air pollution level on a real time basis. Pollution Indicator (AP-1008CH/DH): The color of the pollution indicator lamp provides immediately visible notice of the current air quality.

Filter Replacement Indicator (AP-1008DH)

Lights around buttons flicker clockwise when certain filter needs to be replaced. Air flow LED indicates the filter which needs to be replaced.


Powerful, silent & energy-efficient air flow system

To reduce noise generation & enhance CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), Coway selected BL-DC motor and applied optimal air flow by using computerized simulation. BL-DC motor memorizes the working condition (status) before power cut off. When power is back, it runs as at the previous condition (Compensation of sudden power cut off).

Zero Ozone emission

Coway air purifiers don’t generate any harmful by-product such as ozone.

Children Safety system

When the front cover is open, the device stops operation automatically.

High energy efficiency

Even though air purifiers are sensitive to power consumption, many other manufacturers omit this point. Coway air purifier is most energy-efficient product and is prepared with the certification of Energy Star. Its consumption is 3.9W(Silent mode)~37.8W(Turbo mode).

Easy & economic filter replacement

Filters of AP-1008 can be very easily changed without any equipment, because front cover is attached to its body by magnet. Coway suggests replacement filter value package at least 25% off from its individual regular price. In short, lower annual maintenance cost, cost efficiency is another advantage.

Filter System

HEPA is not enough for your allergy!
Add a functional medium filter for your own need!

Its performance was officially certified by British Allergy Foundation.

More powerful, less expensive – The A3TM Medium Filter

Powerful Combination Filter
With the combination of vacuum-metalized nano silver form and active carbon impregnated form, its A3 (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Dust) efficiency is strengthened.

Economical Semi-permanent Filter

A3 Medium Filter is reusable by a simple cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. It is more economical than
existing Medium Filters as it can be used for up to 40 months.

Efficiency & Dust holding capacity change of A3 Medium Filter according to the frequency of cleaning


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