What factors affect the quantity and the quality of the water produced?

There are four major variables to consider:

PRESSURE. The greater the water pressure, the better the quantity and quality of the water produced. Water pressure of 60 psi ideal. Luxor-Coway R.O. purifier include one booster pump can make sure the water pressure.

TEMPERATURE. 76*F is the ideal water temperature for R.O.

40*F water will cause the production of R.O. water to fall to half of that at 76*F.

The maximum water temperature recommended is 85*F.

TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS). The higher the amount of dissolved contaminants in the water, the lower the quantity of water produced. A high level of TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS can be overcome with additional water pressure.

MEMBRANE. Different membranes have different characteristics. Some produce more water than others; some have better contaminant rejection capabilities; some have greater resistance to chemical abrasion for longer life. Luxor-Coway R.O. purifier TFC RO (Thin Film Composite) membranes with pores 0.0001 micron meter, combine the best of these characteristics and are considered the finest membrane in the world

What is the function of the automatic flushing system?

Impurities are rinsed from the membrane surface and washed down as ‘waste water’.   Unlike filters that trap impurities, the membrane is self-cleaning.

What happens when we consume drinking water that contains significant levels of heavy metals?

Exposure to heavy metals has been linked with developmental retardation, various cancers, kidney damage, and even death in some instances of exposure to very high concentrations.

Exposure to high levels of mercury, gold, and lead has also been associated with the development of autoimmunity, in which the immune system starts to attack its own cells, mistaking them for foreign invaders. Autoimmunity can lead to the development of diseases of the joints and kidneys, such as rheumatoid arthritis, or diseases of the circulatory or central nervous systems.

(information extracted from www.wri.org/wr-98-99/metals.htm)

What is the purpose of electrolysis test on water?

Electrolysis testing is used to determine the existence of dissolved minerals (including heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic & etc.) and salts in the water. The dissolved minerals and salts will precipitate into un-dissolved coloured substances after electrolysis.

What happens to all the organic and inorganic impurities removed by Coway R/O Water System?

They are automatically rinsed from the membrane surface and washed down the drain. Unlike filters that trap impurities, the membrane used in Coway R/O Water System is self-cleaning. As water flows across the membrane, it becomes divided into two streams. The production stream is the purified water that is forced through the membrane by diffusion. The impurities are left behind. The concentrate stream serves as a rinse that carries those impurities off the membrane surface and into a drain. As a result, accumulation of impurities on the membrane is slow, keeping it clean and effective over time.

What can I use Reverse Osmosis water for?

We think you will particularly enjoy the following:

Drinking Water  Plants   Cleaning Solutions

Cooking       Baby Formulas  Humidifiers

Juices and Mixes     Aquariums   Windshield Washer

Coffee & Tea      Batteries     Radiators

Ice Cubes    Complexion Care     Photography

Low Sodium Diets    Weight Loss Diets    Steam Irons

What about minerals? Do Reverse Osmosis systems remove them, and if so, aren’t they needed for health?

Many home water devices claim they leave so called “beneficial” minerals in, considering it an advantageous feature. Distillers, on the other hand, claim they remove all “objectionable” minerals and consider it an advantage. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

The subject of minerals in water is one over which there is much controversy. There is even disagreement among health authorities. To help you decide for yourself, consider the following information:

a. Minerals in water exist as mineral salts or so called inorganic minerals. Minerals in this form may not be as biologically acceptable to the human body as are the organic forms of minerals found in all food and quality mineral supplements.

b. Some inorganic minerals are harmful to human health and no water treatment process can differentiate them from inorganic minerals that are not harmful. Examples of inorganic minerals that are harmful are nitrates and toxic metals (lead, mercury and arsenic).

c. Excess inorganic minerals in water may be responsible for bad tastes, salty tastes and metallic tastes.

d. Excess inorganic minerals may interact with almost every food and beverage, detracting from its flavor. That’s why virtually all packaged beverages, including soft drinks and beer, are made with controlled levels of inorganic minerals to insure the best flavor possible.

e. The mineral content in water may be much less than the mineral content found in foods. An 8-ounce glass of milk typically contains more calcium and magnesium than 5 gallons of water.

What is the guarantee on the Coway R.O. System?

The Coway R.O. System (excluding filters) is guaranteed for 1 years for material and workmanship. All defective parts will be replaced free within the first year.

What is the maintenance schedule for the Coway R.O. System?

The three pre-filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months. The first is a 5 micron sediment cartridge. The second is a Carbon Cartridge. The third is a 1 micron sediment filters, (some system comes with the Extruded carbon filter.) Failure to change the cartridge every 6 months may allow chlorine to destroy the membrane. It is very easy to change the prefilters. Just order the needed filters from us and all system come with the housing wrench to open the filter housings so you can maintain your system yourself and feel confident about your drinking water.

How will the Coway R.O. System water affect mixed beverages ?

Because reverse osmosis removes invisible contaminants that mask flavour, it allows the natural taste of your beverages to come through. You will be able to use less coffee and still get the full flavour. Concentrated beverages like orange juice will taste tangier. You will probably be drinking a lot more water as well, since many people drink soda, concentrated juices, and beer as an alternative to bad-tasting tap water. Also, Coway R.O. purifier eliminates most of the lime build up on drip coffee makers, preventing the need for frequent cleaning. No longer will you find the white scum on the inside of kettles after boiling water.