Why choose Coway over other brands?

There are many brands of RO membrane fi lter in the market. What is the difference
between Coway and other brands?

Woongjin Coway successfully developed source technology of reverse osmosis (RO)
membrane, which is recognized as the most excellent fi lter, and it acquired Saehan
Industries in January this year, a company which developed world-level fi ltering
technology, becoming the world’s third largest water fi lter manufacturer (Ref :
Guiness Books of Records).

Its latest RO water filtration devices can reduce the volume
of foul water of daily lives by more than 50% by developing waste-water decreasing
system, adding new functions of improving valve and automatic flushing functions.
Its technology process was recognized by WQA, the world’s authoritative water
certifi cation organization, and it is equipped with filter technology enabling it to supply
water fi ltration devices in any region of the world, not to mention their slim footprints.
For technologies related to filter, Woongjin Coway registered 3 patents and filed
applications for 3 technologies in Korea while applying patents in the United States,
Japan, Europe and China for 3 technologies. Targeting the world market, the company
constructed in September last year a comprehensive filter production complex in Korea,
investing 22.2 billion won.

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